New Superb 433mhz 3V0959752B OEM - Chrome

New Superb 433mhz 3V0959752B OEM - Chrome
  • Brand: Skoda
  • Product Code: VGRK25
  • Weight: 61 g
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: New, Superb, 433mhz, 3V0959752B, OEM, Chrome, VGRK25

OEM Skoda Superb 3 Button Smart Remote - Chrome.

Transponder: Megamos AES
Tango Reads; Transponder: Megamos AES Condition: Not programmed (virgin) Status: Not Locked PartNr.: 3V0959751L
Frequency: 433Mhz
Emergency Keyblade: -
Battery: -
Buttons: 3 button; Lock, Unlock and Boot.
Genuine Part No:  3V0 959 752 B

Print on:
3V0 959 752 B

Programming Method:
Immobiliser: Precode then Diagnostically
Remote: Diagnostically

Suitable for the following models:
Skoda Superb 2016+

Transponder Keys
Frequency 433mhz

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