Tango Update - Version 1.109 released





Tango Software v1.109


  • Tango software added (online update)
  • Again FIRST in the WORLD!
    True Image Generator for Toyota H-Keys (Page1 39, 59, 5A, 99)
    on TRPWS21 transponder*
  • Again FIRST in the WORLD!
    TIRIS AES verifying of a crypto key
  • Added transponder TIRIS RF430
  • Added transponder CN3
  • Added manual editing CN1...CN5 and some other emulators.
    See Transponder type > Emulators...
  • Key maker BMW bikes C600, Husquarna 900R (95160,DST80)*
  • Key maker BMW bikes C650, R1200 (9S12G128,DST80)*
  • Key maker Brilliance M2 (93C66,ID48)
  • Key maker Great Wall Haval, Hover H3/H5 (93C66,ID48)
  • Key maker Land Rover Freelander 2003 (PIC18F252,HITAG)*
  • Key maker Volvo S60 2010- (NEC, HITAG)*
  • Key maker Renault Master 2013- (NEC, HITAG)*
  • Toyota Tango Plus: fixed bug on A9-type smart systems.
  • Improoved MEGAMOS48 operations
  • Some bugs fixed

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